I'm so glad you're here! Now, lets get personal.
First thing's first; I'm a crime show junky. Hawaii Five-O, Blacklist, and White Collar are some of my favorites; although, I could list plenty more. I also love the television show  F-r-i-e-n-d-s! Even though Joey is sooo sweet, I still root for Rachel and Ross! Even with all the on and off again, they always seem to get pulled back together one way or another. 

I also love the sappy romance movies! Yes, they are predictable and all have the same story line, but they always get me! I just love seeing the love between two people! Which is why I love love love weddings!! They are my favorite to photograph. Being able to capture the love between two people on the first day of forever is the best feeling!

During your wedding, my goal is to make it as stress free as possible from start to finish and to be a resourse for you. I strive to be responsive before, during, and after you wedding. Whatever you need help with, I got you!

On another note, I am very military and family oriented. I understand the stress photos can cause as well as the stress military families go through every day. My boyfriend is in the military as well as many of our friends.
Family is everything, and of course that includes pets! I, myself, am a puppy mom of two. I have a shelti named Mia and a shiba inu named Akito. They love to greet guests and take as many adventures as they can, even if it's just to the Chic-fil-a drive through or even to the vet (as long as I'm able to tag along).

Now that you know a bit about me, lets chat! 

Hey Beautiful,

My name is Mikaela

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